Being at your best – A legjobb formád

2014. május 10.

Chris Iveson egész napos angol nyelvű workshopja tolmácsolással

Being at your best – microdescription and other secrets of brief coaching
This workshop will add new and interesting skills to your repertoire as a coach, therapist or in any conversation aimed at creating change. There will be something new whether or not you are already familiar with solution focused practice.
For 25 years Chris Iveson, with his colleagues at BRIEF, Evan George and Harvey Ratner, have been developing and refining their  version of solution focused coaching and therapy. Following Steve de Shazer, the co-founder of the solution focused approach, they have continued to examine and question what they do. As a result they have discarded much of the traditional ideas and techniques of early solution focused practice and as a result have become significantly briefer. And as they discarded old ideas and skills, new ideas and skills have grown. This workshop will invite participants to practice these skills.

  • Assuming motivation
  •  Establishing a contract
  •  Creating a context for possibilities
  •  Cornflake miracles
  •  Creating emotional experiences
  •  Signs, not steps

This will be a fast-paced workshop with much of the work done in small groups.
Időpont: 2014. május 23. 9-17h
Helyszín: Hotel Adina, 1133 Budapest, Hegedüs Gy. u. 52-54.
Részvételi díj: 40.000 Ft + áfa
Egyesületi tagoknak: 20.000 Ft + áfa
Jelentkezés: info [@]