Pályázz és vegyél részt a mi költségünkön az idei SolWorld konferencián!

2016. április 1.

SOLWORLDA konferencia angol nyelven fog zajlani, ezért angolul tudók pályázatait várjuk. Részleteket lásd alább.
A pályázat beadási határideje: 2016. április 10. éjfél
Spend some useful time with the big names of the Solution Focused world in our expense!
There’s a scholarship place for 1 person to participate at the SOLworld* international conference “Emergence in action” Liverpool, UK, 19-21 May 2016, offered and financed by SF Egyesület and Solutionsurfers Magyarország to

  • inspire Solution Focused**(SF) work in organisations
  • support practitioners in Hungary to use SF applications in organisations
  • build up the Hungarian community of SF practitioners and link this to the international community

So if you are
-interested in SF work and it’s applications as shared at a highly interactive conference
-member of the Hungarian Association for SF work or willing to become one (paid by the time of sending the proposal)
-willing to use and to share what you learn at the conference in your organization –and share your learning also in the Hungarian Association for SF work
please answer our request for proposals. If you know others who might be interested, please pass this opportunity on to them. Everyone can apply. The language of the conference is English.
Required Proposal:
– 1.5-3-min. video answering following 3 points:
* What are you excited/liking about the SF approach?
* How do you use it already in your work?
* What do you hope from attending the conference? (the video must not be professional but well audible, you can talk Hungarian or English)
– 5 sentences on your own person and work in writing
Please send your proposal to by Apr. 10, 12 p.m. (midnight). We want to publish your video in Social Media (SF Egyesület) and part of the decision about the scholarship is the number of likes it gets J

In case you win this possibility you can attend the SOLworld annual conference 2016 in Liverpool for free, which includes:
·         Attendance at the SOLWorld 2016 Conference event

  • Lunches and refreshments+ dinner on 19th
  • All event materials
  • Participation in an online follow up gamified group

Your travel to Liverpool and accommodation (breakfast) is your cost.
Even if you shouldn´t turn out to be the winner you can profit from the discounted prize of GBP 250 (!) as a member of the HUN SF Association (as paid before registering, request your code from István)

*The group “SOLworld”  was formed in 2002 and has held international conferences since, attracting participants from over 20 countries. We have also held three summer universities and events in Japan (J-SOL), North America, and in Central Eastern Europe. Read about the SOLWorld charter and the innovative and effective way that SOLWorld operates. To find out more about the Solution Focused approach, Jumpstart into SF.
**Solution Focused practice is transforming coaching, consulting, managing and leading in organisations all over the world. The approach values simplicity in philosophy and language and aims to discover „what works” in a given situation, simply and practically. The focus on what’s wanted (not what’s wrong), what’s going well (rather than what’s gone badly) and practical progress (rather than explanatory theory) leads to a positive and pragmatic way to work with organisations and individuals. SF has its roots in the therapeutic approach devised by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer at BFTC Milwaukee and others.

We are very much looking forward to seeing your video, reading your proposal – and maybe to seeing you at the event in Liverpool?
Warm regards, Czombos István, President SF Egyesület, Hankovszky Kati, SolutionSurfers Magyarország
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